If you are interested in selling your commercial feeder lambs or breeding ewes in one of our upcoming video sales, please contact us. Our website includes a sample contract that outlines the information you would need to provide in order to consign sheep with WVM. This sheet will be filled out by a WVM rep and approved by you. It stipulates how the sheep will be represented at the sale and provides buyers with the information they need. It should be as accurate as possible to avoid problems on shipping day.

Terms for sheep consignments with Western Video Market are outlined here, but for more information, contact a rep, or e-mail us at

Sheep Consignor Commission Rates
Lambs – 2.25%
Replacement or Bred Ewes – 3%

No Sale/Out of Sale Fee
Lambs - $0.75/head
Replacement or Bred Ewes - $2.00/head
Maximum $500 per lot

Slides (Recommended)
Lambs - $0.80 to $1.00 per pound over base weight
Replacement Ewes or Bred Ewes - $0.50 to $0.80 per pound under base weight.

Optional Weight Stop
Up to a maximum of 7 lbs.
Sheep slide up to the cited weight stop. Any pounds over the weight stop are free to the buyer.

Optional “Circle 7” Slide
7 lbs. weight stop above the base weight
A maximum 7 lbs. slide/price stop below the base weight

Lamb Checkoff
$0.007 per pound

Sample Consignor Contract Sheep

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or call us at: (530) 347-3793

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