Sample Stocker Feeder Contract

Below is an example of a Western Video Market contract sheet. Each WVM representative auction yard will have its own version, so please work with your representative to make sure you understand all terms and conditions. This sheet will be filled out by a WVM rep and approved by you. It stipulates how the cattle will be represented at the sale and provides buyers with the information they need when deciding whether to bid on your cattle. It should be as accurate as possible to avoid problems on shipping day.

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Below is an example of a sale lot from one of our catalogs.
It contains, in concise form, the information provided in the contract sheet.


70 Weaned Steers Base Wt. 650#

Location Paradise Valley, NV; 35 mi N of Winnemucca, NV

Breed 90% BLK, BWF, 10% RED; Ang, EngX, ExoticX, 5% horns
Origin Ranch Raised 1st calf 2/3/11 ASV: No Delive 12/10/2011 12/15/20

Frame Medium Flesh Medium Implant No BSE Yes

Feed Chopped Alfalfa & Wheat Hay Var Uneven Bangs N/A

Shots 7-way (2X), Express 5 PHM (2X), Ivermec (all shots in neck)

Weigh Early AM gather, weigh on ground, 3% shrink

Comment Sired by Mori Black Angus bulls. Ready for grass. Run on high desert. Weaned 30+ days. 85 head

Marvel, 15 head neighbor. Will fill out load with like cattle.

Slide .10 off @ 1# over base weight.

Represented SHASTA LIVESTOCK AUCTION YARD, INC. Steve Lucas (775) 761-7575

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