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Back in 1989, California livestock market men Ellington Peek and John Rodgers were looking for a way to help Western ranchers present their cattle to a national marketplace. Taking advantage of available broadcast technology, these two reputation cattlemen formed Western Video Market, a satellite and Internet auction service which now sells nearly a quarter million cattle every year...from 16 Western states.

Well, if you can forget about the technology required to put on the sale, the rest is really pretty simple! If you decide to sell your cattle with us, you'll call your local WVM representative and he'll come to your ranch and video the cattle you're going to sell. The rep will also write up all the information buyers need to know about your cattle, such as: sex, weight, numbers, feed, delivery, etc. plus any comments that make your cattle stand out from the crowd. All that information goes into the sale catalog, which we mail out to potential buyers across the country before each sale. The catalog for every sale is also available on this web site, in both a searchable and downloadable version (click here to take a look).

Meanwhile, we edit the video of your cattle down to a 1 minute segment. That segment, along with the video from our other consignors, is shown as part of a live auction broadcast on sale day...through DISH Network and/or the Internet. Through our uplink, the TV broadcast is sent up to a satellite and bounced back to home receivers all over the U.S. Any DISH Network subscriber can pick up a Western Video Market satellite auction....and, if qualified, they can purchase your cattle! Also, everyone with a fast Internet connection can watch and/or listen to every sale in very nearly real time (more info). Buyers register with us prior to the sale and are then able to bid on cattle over the telephone, through a Western Video Market representative, at the sale site. Another recently-enabled option for buyers is bidding on the Internet.
Many of our buyers (and consignors) also attend the sales in person. They're usually a lot of fun!

For more details on the ins and outs of a Western Video Market satellite cattle auction, take a look at our Sale Terms and Conditions
and the WVM Catalog and Contract.

Then, allow us to introduce you to our Western Video Market Representatives and Auctioneers. See what cattle have been bringing lately....in Sale Prices and USDA Market Report. You'll find out where to look for the next WVM auction... in Upcoming WVM Sales. Find out what each lot brought at our last sale or look at the lots offered in the next sale. You also might be interested in the commercial opportunities available for your ranch or business with WVM Advertising.
And, our All-Beef Links will enlighten, entertain and elucidate with the best cowboy and cattle sites on the Web.
So, enjoy your visit and thanks for your interest in Western Video Market.

- Nationwide exposure means top market value on sale day

- Low commission rates

- No freight costs to market

- $40.00 per head down payment on sale day; balance on delivery. All payments by check

- Professional representation by bonded Western Video Market personnel.

- World-class, experienced auctioneers (Click here to meet them)

- Market your cattle through WVM's bonded livestock dealers....all full-time professionals


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