To the best of our current knowledge ALL Western Video Market DISH Network broadcasts are going to be carried exclusively on DISH channel 998.  

DISH 998 is located on their HDTV (High Definition) satellite, called 129 for its place in the sky at 129 degrees West. This satellite carries all of DISH’s Hi-Definition programming. In order to watch any programming on Channel 998, you MUST HAVE the proper equipment for viewing that particular satellite.

If you are currently watching Hi-Def programming on DISH, you are probably OK, but you should check by going to Channel 998 to make sure. If you see a slate that says, “DISH Business”, you’ve found it. If the channel guide won’t take you to 998, you don’t have it.

If you are NOT currently signed up for HDTV programming, you will most likely have to upgrade your equipment so your receiver can find the correct satellite. Most DISH dealers will provide the equipment and install the upgrade for FREE….with a commitment to one of DISH’s HD packages.


To find out your status….or to locate a DISH dealer for an upgrade…. please give a call to DISH:
(800) 333-3474  

or...find a DISH dealer on the Internet at:

 Again …ALL WVM DISH broadcasts will be on Channel 998. This doesn’t allow much time for an equipment changeover, if it’s required, so you need to get ahold of DISH as soon as you can.

 We apologize for this inconvenience but it will allow WVM sales to maintain a consistent channel over the course of the next few years. If you have any other questions, please send us an email: …or give us a call at: (530) 347-3793.

Thanks for watching and we appreciate your participation in WVM auctions.

Western Video Market
(530) 347-3793