March 4th, 2016
Western Video Market Sale

WILL NOT be available on
DISH Network Channel 998
(Click here for more info on DISH 998)

CALL DISH: (800) 333-3474

Watch the sale online

Because the DISH TV signal is digitally encoded and makes two round-trips to space, a DISH Network broadcast can have a lag time ('latency') of as much as 3-6 seconds behind the real time of the sale. If you plan to be bidding on cattle and are watching WVM on DISH Network, please turn down your TV volume and listen to the sale through the telephone or the WVM rep at the sale site.

While continuing to broadcast on of July,  2012 we use exclusively Ku-Band digital satellite transmission.  

We also remain very excited about the possibilities the Internet has opened up for marketing and many other aspects of the cattle industry. With a broadband Internet connection, you can view Western Video Market auction broadcasts on the Internet very nearly REAL TIME.

CLICK HERE for details on our Internet live streaming video.

We have also enabled Internet Bidding for all WVM complement traditional phone bidding.

If you have questions or comments, please e-mail us at:
or phone: (530) 347-3793

We feel strongly about the benefits of the video cattle auction and believe that selling cattle by video should remain affordable and accessible for Western cattlemen. We appreciate the support we've received over the years from both buyers and sellers and we believe all the outlets mentioned above make Western Video Market auctions available to as many of you as possible.

We appreciate what you all do for us. Thanks!